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How to Get Involved

How to Get Involved

Volunteers: A few volunteers are needed to help with all aspects of the festival. Set up, break down, decorations,  etc. Please bear in mind that volunteers will be placed as needs arise the day of the festival.  Please register to volunteer as soon as possible. Also, on the registration page, please sign up for your size in t-shirt. T-shirts will be provided for volunteers!

Charities:  We welcome charities to participate! (The charity must serve the citizens of our area and register to be involved) The charity can set up an information table (with tent if desired) to talk to the public about the services they offer and any other information they would like people to know. The charity may also run a fun raising activity of their choice at the event.  

-Raffle / Activities: Having some activities at our festival will draw more attention to your charity, help you fund raise and just be a good time! So, if you would like to participate in an activity  or provide an item for raffle please let us know! (All proceeds from raffles or activities will go straight to the charities!)

-Vendors: We are welcoming local vendors at the event as well! Vendors must pair with a participating charity to partake in the festivities. You may set up an information table to get your name out there and/or you may sell your wears at your booth. Please no alcohol, tobacco or vaping products. Vendors and charities should work out an arrangement PRIOR to the festival of how the vendor can help or donate to the charity. Vendors should also register for the event by following the the instructions on the registration page. If you would like to be involved in the event as a vendor but have questions please feel free to contact us!

                                      **NO VENDOR FEES**

There are no vendor fees for charities or vendors. We hope that this works out to be a wonderful day of education and fundraising for you all!

Although there are no vendor fees please register for planning purposes.

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